Jamaica 50 Celebration

At first I was really perturbed by the call to go to school on August 6th, however, after I spent some time analyzing the situation I began to understand the 'bigger picture'. Jamaicans as a whole need to be reminded of our past in order that we can chart a path for the future. We have become so culturally "unaware" that it is difficult for us to understand and accept ourselves. What better way than to start with our children? They will be our vehicle of change. They will learn to appreciate the fight and hardships of our forefathers in an effort that we can be where we are at present - a free nation. Yes we have our difficulties, but which nation doesn't? We have much to be thankful for. Usain Bolt, Shellyann, Veronica and the rest of the Olympic Team are doing us proud. We have achieved so much. 

Apart from all this our children will begin to accept themselves for who they are and will realize that beauty is more than skin deep and so will get rid of the bleaching cream and pills. The young men will wear their pants where they are suppose to be worn - at the waist - and the social graces will return in the society.

Most importantly, the Government through the Ministry of Education is bringing back the teaching of Civics in the schools, a subject that was for many years integrated in Social Studies. This too will prove vital in the education our children on their culture and acceptable norms of the society. Hats off to this venture. Walk good and take care of you and yours until you hear from me or I hear form you. Get into the true Jamaican vibes. Muah! 


09/23/2012 6:25pm

All on the shoulders of teachers.


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