I am depressed, stressed and unable to to express it in a manner I deem adequate. The hurt, pain and trauma I am experiencing just to think of the violent sexual acts that are being perpetrated on our Jamaican females. I am traumatized not only because I am a woman but mostly because I have a baby girl (and a baby boy) who it pains me to think that some deviant pervert might be viewing in a sexual manner and would hurt them if given half a chance. This shouldn't be.

What drives a man to abuse a three year old girl? How does he feel committing this heinous act? Does it concern him that this child, this gift from God is a person and will undoubtedly be traumatized for the rest of her life - considering she even survive this ghastly ordeal? I tell you the truth, words are eluding me to truly describe the horror I feel just knowing that women are seen by some sick minded men as things to be possessed and controlled for their own sick pleasure. How does it feel to be a woman, knowing that being raped and killed is a reality every Jamaican woman has to live with from day to day? 

So are the boys safe? Far from it. Take for example those two unfortunate boys recently whose bodies were found in the river. Noway are boys safe. Parents, family members, teachers etc. need to be more vigilant. Hear are some ways by which we can take care of our Jamaican children:

1.         Explain the consequences of accepting rides from                            strangers. 

2.        Do not send your young children on the road by                                   themselves

3.        Teach them about bad touch

4.         Don't write their names on their backpack   and                                     lunch kits visibly

5.         Listen to your child - if he or she says something is                            wrong - LISTEN!

No need to fool ourselves, a high percentage of  molestations and rapes are done by family members. BE WARNED!  We really have to do all we can to save the future Prime Ministers, politicians, doctors, teachers, engineers. We have to take care of our children. They are the future of Jamaica


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