Crime and Violence in Jamaica

The intensity of the crimes that are being committed on our beloved island make the innocent, law-abiding citizens want to run for their lives. These crimes are inching nearer and nearer. Once they were outside of our safety zone and frankly, many of us thought little of them. Now, they are happening right at our doorsteps and to people we know. The only thing I hear on people's lips now-a-days is, "How long till it happens to me?"

Of course we can  blame a lot of people. We can blame the Government, the police force, the criminals and just about anyone, but, have you stopped to realize that we, the citizens of the country are as much to be blamed as all of these other persons and organizations?

If we know where the culprits are and refuse from letting the law deal with them we are to be blamed. If we are the mothers and the girlfriends of the culprits and are benefiting from the spoils of their criminality, we are to be blamed. If we are politicians who benefit from the chaos that these brutal killings bring, we are to be blamed. Yes, many of us are to be blamed in one way or another.

Edmund Burke said..."The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing", so ably and truthfully said. We all need to be more proactive in finding a solution to this canker called crime and violence.

Lack of employment, hopelessness and despair are a few of the main causes of it.Young people now-a-days have become materialistic and think that getting rich can only be done through lawlessness. Not many persons want to be held down to a nine to five so the only things remaining all constitute breaking the law. Thus we have the lotto scams and many more illegal activities the are tarnishing the brand Jamaica. 

When will we come to our senses and realize that we are only hurting ourselves and the people around us. When will we give up selfishness and adopt care and consideration for our fellow men? I really hope it will be soon as this horse called Jamaica, cannot take anymore riding to hell.


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